Where Heat and Heart meet.
The Detox.

This class is hot, slow and potent, with strategic postures designed to detoxify your internal organs, open up your body and purify your mind.


Expect to sweat away anything that is holding you back and leave feeling fresh and renewed.  The detox is a perfect complement to your regular yoga and fitness routine and is the best way to let go of tension. Great for those working with injuries or sore muscles, because you won’t find any chaturangas here; yet stilling intentional enough to allow for any seasoned practitioner to explore challenges.

Built around Cutting Edge Infrared Heating and paired with perfect humidity.

The modern approach to hot yoga, studies have found indications of improved circulation, greater muscular release and recovery, improved skin and so much more. But don’t just take our word for it, come try it for yourself.

The Flow and The Detox-Find the next time you can
Come Feel the difference:


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